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This section of our site contains the published procedures and policies that govern ARMA's Mid-Atlantic Region. The Mid-Atlantic Region also operates under the policies of ARMA International (www.arma.org) The current set of documents in this section include:

Questions or comments pertaining to any of these documents can be addressed to our Region Manager whose contact information is on the Leadership page.

Region Manager / Coordinator Program

Operational Guideline

I. Job Descriptions
II. Selection Process for Region Managers and Region Coordinators
III. Removal of Region Managers/Coordinators
IV. Operational Guidelines
V. Budgets
VI. Training for Regional Coordinators

VII. Communication

I. Job Descriptions

A. Regional Coordinator

1) Benefits of serving as the Regional Coordinator:

  • Ability to gain additional leadership experience

  • Ability to serve the Association beyond the organized chapter frame work

  • Provides interim step to serving on the ARMA International Board of Directors

2) Eligibility Criteria:

  • Member of ARMA International for at least 3 consecutive years prior to appointment

  • Prior chapter leadership experience required, preferably that of Chapter President

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Detail oriented and self directed to complete tasks

  • Ability /willingness to travel to chapters in the region

  • Recognition by members in the region

  • While serving as Region Coordinator, must not currently be a Chapter President or be serving on any ARMA International committee or task force

3) Job Description:

  • Provide assistance and direction to the chapters ( and members at large) in the region.

  • Visit assigned chapters, as requested, with a minimum of one visit per year to each chapter.( It is suggested that Region Coordinators also attend their assigned chapters annual planning meetings)

  • Help organize/ chapter new chapters in the region as required.

  • Assist Region Manager, as necessary, with coordination and implementation of regional activities ( for example; leadership conferences, projects, etc.)

  • Assist with regional initiatives, as appropriate, such as: newsletter, web site, roster, ARMA International budgeting process, etc.

  • Forward comments and input from chapters and members-at-large to the ARMA International Board of Directors or ARMA Headquarters, as appropriate.

  • Submit an activity report, 45 days prior to each board meeting, to the Region Manager who will compile the information in a Regional Activity Report for submission to the Board of Directors.

  • Provide a communication link with the Member Services Department at ARMA International Headquarters while working in partnership with Membership Services to provide chapter operations training as necessary.

  • Participate in ARMA International Leadership training meetings, as appropriate.

B. Region Manager:

1) Eligibility Criteria:

All criteria for the Region Coordinator apply, except that:

  • The Region Manager must have served as Region Coordinator for a minimum of one term

2) Job Description:

  • The Regional Manager I responsible for all the Regional Coordinators activities listed above. In addition, the Regional Manager will:

  • Appoint up to four (4) Region Coordinators to facilitate effective chapter support within a manageable geographic area.

  • Provide overall coordination of all region activities and initiatives, as required.

  • Appoint a Region Treasurer to administer the Region Fund, as appropriate travel and relates expenses, to be included with the ARMA International operating budget.

II. Selection Process for Region Managers and Region Coordinators

A. Region Managers

  • Those members wishing to serve as Region Manager must meet the minimum qualifications for the position as set forth in AL 122.

  • The Member Services Department of ARMA Headquarters will solicit interest in the Region Manager program through any avenue deemed appropriate. (ARMA Web Site, articles in InfoPro,Friday Mailing , etc.)

  • Interested members will complete and summit an " Application for Region Manager" form provided by ARMA International. Applications will be distributed to all members in December. Completed application must be received at ARMA Headquarters by January 1.

  • All applications for Region Manager will be reviewed by the Member Services Department at ARMA headquarters. The Director of Member Services will review and submit the names and applications of qualified individuals for Region Manager(s) to the Board of Directors of the chapters within the particular region for comments and ratification no later than February 20. Each chapter should review and submit comments regarding their ratification and selection of a particular individual to the Member Services Department at Headquarters no later than March 31. Each chapter will be given one selection.

  • Based on chapter comments and subsequent ratification, the Director of Member Services will appoint one Region Manager for each region. Appointments will be made no later than April 15. The Director of Member Services will notify all applicants not selected via telephone.

  • If there are no applicants for the position of Region Manager or if there are no applicants who meet the minimum qualifications, the Director of Member Services will attempt to solicit suggestions from Chapter presidents, current Regional Coordinators, individual members or from any appropriate source.

  • Once the ratification process for the Region Manager is complete, the Chapter presidents will be notified in the most expedient manner possible.

B. Region Coordinators

  1. Those members wishing to serve as a Region Coordinator must meet the minimum qualifications for the position as set forth in AL122.

  2. The Member Services Department of ARMA Headquarters will solicit interest in the Region Coordinator program through any avenue deemed appropriate. (ARMA Web Site, articles in InfoPro, Friday Mailing, etc.,)

  3. Interested members will complete and submit an " Application of Region Coordinator"
    form provided by ARMA International. Applications will be distributed by ARMA
    International to all members with the March issue of InfoPro.

  4. All applications for Region Coordinators must be received by the Member Services Department at ARMA Headquarters by no later than May 1.

  5. The Director of Member Services will forward all applications for the individual regions to the particular Region Manager. The Region Manager will review all applications for his/her region and appoint the number of Region Coordinators as prescribed. All appointments will be made by May 31.

  6. If there are no applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for the position of Region Coordinator for a particular geographic area within a region, the Region Manager will solicit suggestions from Chapter Presidents, Individual members or any appropriate source.

  7. The Region Manager will notify each chapter of the Region Coordinator appointments in the most expedient manner possible.

  8. The Region Manager will also notify those applicants not selected via telephone.

III. Removal of Region Managers/Coordinators

A Region Manager or Region Coordinator may be removed from office for failure to fulfill their specific duties as prescribed or for gross mismanagement of region affairs.

B. Region Coordinator :

  1. Any chapter or individual member within a region may petition the Region Manager to remove a Region Coordinator for failure to perform their duties or for mismanagement of region affairs.

  2. The Region Manager will inform, in writing, the Region Coordinator of the petition within 5 days of receipt. The Region Coordinator will have ten days to respond, in writing, to the petition.

  3. The Region Manager will forward the original petition and any response from the Region Coordinator to each Chapter President to whom the coordinator is assigned and to the other Coordinators within the Region. A vote of removal will be held with each chapter and each of the other Region Coordinators having one vote. Removal will be by simple majority.

  4. The results of the vote will be forwarded to each Chapter President within the region and to the Director of Member Services.

IV. Operational Guidelines

Pursuant to previous Board action, the Region Manager shall be appointed by and report to the President Elect of ARMA International. It is the intent of the Realignment Task Force for the Region Manger to be appointed by and report to the Director of Member Services. The Director and staff of Member Services will be working closely with the Region Managers and Coordinators and will be prepared to make decisions concerning qualifications, quality of performance, etc. Therefore, a motion reflecting this change will be submitted to the Board of Directors at the April 1999 meeting. In anticipation if this motion being passed the following comments regarding accountability and evaluation of the Region Managers and Coordinators will reflect this change.

A. Accountability:

The Region Manager and Coordinators are volunteers who will work with clusters of chapters to provide assistance and training in chapter operations and functions. The Region Manager and Coordinators may serve as a liaison and communication link between the chapters, ARMA Headquarters and the Board of Directors.

Within the regions, the Region Coordinator(s) will report to the Region Manager but may request assistance and guidance from ARMA Headquarters as necessary to perform their duties and responsibilities. Each Region Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the activities of two or more chapters within a given area and will be accountable for those activities to the chapters board of directors and the Region Manager. The Region Coordinator(s) will be required to submit quarterly activity reports to the Region Manager. The Activity Report form will identify the report period, chapters within their "cluster", summary of accomplishments, and comments of interest.

The Region Manager will report to the Director of Member Services. The Region Manager will submit an activity report to the Director of Member Services (Board of Directors) at least (45 days/one month) prior to each of the regular scheduled Board Meetings. Activity Reports submitted will be prepared in accordance with the format requirements of Administrative Letter 113. In cases involving specific recommendations to the Board of Directors, it is necessary that these recommendations be included with the Activity Report, and submitted to the Board of Directors utilizing and appropriate process whereby they may be accepted into the normal agenda process for debate and resolution.

B. Evaluation:

In order to measure the effectiveness of the Region Manager(s) and Coordinator(s) and to assist the Director of Member Services in providing leaders who will effectively represent their constituency, an annual evaluation will be performed. In early April, the Director of Member Services will provide a Region Manager/Coordinator Evaluation form to each chapter president. Each chapter president, in concert with the board of directors of the chapter, will complete the form and send the completed form to the Director of Member Services. The Director of Member Services will review the evaluations with the applicable Region Manager/Coordinator.

V. Budgets

A. Creating A Region Fund

A Region within ARMA International is a geographic area established to provide a manageable representation of the needs and interests of the members in that Region. A Regional Manager and Regional Coordinator within the Region serve to meet the needs of the various chapters with the Region. In order to provide financial resources to support Regional activities, the establishment of Region Funds is authorized.

B. Purpose

The purpose of an Association policy on Region Funds is to provide minimum guidelines for establishing and administering such a fund in order to insure consistency throughout ARMA.

A Region Fund provides financial resources for the members of the Region to take advantage of professional opportunities within certain limits that would otherwise, for whatever reason, not be available or not be available in a timely manner.

C. Requirements

The following requirements are to be used in the establishment and ongoing administration of a Region Fund. IT MUST BE REMEMBERED THAT A REGION , UNLIKE A CHAPTER OF THIS ASSOCIATION IS NOT A RECOGNIZED ENTITY FOR LEGAL OR TAX PURPOSES.

  1. No part of the earnings of the Regional Fund may inure the benefit of any individual.

  2. The Region Fund must be operated under the direct supervision of the Region Manager.

  3. The Region Manager appoints a Region Treasure from within the Region to administer the fund and to administer the reimbursement policies.

  4. A Region Fund, if established, must be done so formally in that the policies of the fund must be written and the policies must be approved by a majority of the members of a Region or by a majority of the elected representatives of members within the Region (i.e. Chapter Presidents).

  5. Not withstanding the supervisory responsibilities of the Region Manager, the Region Fund must be administered under the auspices of a legal non-for-profit entity (i.e. Chapter).

  6. Monies from the fund shall only be used for authorized expenditures consistent with the exempt purposes of the administering entity.

D. Establishment and Administration of the Fund.

The following guidelines are provided for consideration in the establishment /administration of the Region Fund.

  1. A mandatory minimum fund balance should be maintained.

  2. The fund accounting period should coincide with that of the administrative entity (July 1 - June 30).

  3. Excesses of revenues over expenses from Regional activities should be added to the fund balance.

  4. Any financial assessments for the fund should be voluntary and equal.

  5. The Region Fund administration should include, at a minimum, an approved budget, a specified periodic audit, limited expenditure authority, independent oversight provisions, a clear definition (or listing) of authorized fund support activities, and a requirement for documentation for expenditures.

  6. In the event of subsequent disestablishment of the Region Fund, a provision for distribution of assets in the fund should be addressed as well as the mechanism for determining dissolution.

E. Travel Expense Policy

Authorized expenses include reasonable and customary fares for common carriers, mileage charges for personal cars, limousines, taxis, other local transportation, lodging, and designated instances, meals. It is emphasized that any expense reimbursed by or directly paid for by ARMA must have been properly incurred.

F. Chapter Visitation

Expenses under this category must be budgeted for in the normal Association budget process and may be used in several ways.

The main purpose of the funds allocation is to afford the Region Manager and Coordinators support to meet with the members of their assigned chapters. In some instances Region Managers and Coordinators may use the money to fund a chapter presidents’ meeting at a central location. Other times it may be used to offset personal travel expenses to visit individual chapters. The end use of these funds is authorized if it satisfies the requirement of bringing the Region Managers and Coordinators in the contact with the members of their regions.

It is important to note that financial support from the Association for Region/Chapter visits is an augmentation to other fund sources. Chapters are urged to assist in underwriting the travel expenses of Region Managers and Coordinators making chapter visits. Due to limitations on employer personal funds for intra- region travel, chapter contributions will enable the Region Managers and Coordinators to maintain essential contacts.

G. Request for Reimbursement

All request for reimbursement of travel expenses will be forwarded to the Region Manager for approval and payment within thirty calendar days of completion of travel.( The Region Manager will forward his/her request directly to Region Treasure). If approved, the request will be forwarded by the Region Treasure for payment.


H. Reimbursement Request Form

Make request for reimbursement using the Association form "ARMA International Travel Expense Summary," AL 008 B 01 (5/96)


A. Resources to be made available:

  1. Updated AL’s

  2. Chapter handbooks

  3. Year in a box

  4. Calendar of events/ due dates (articles for InfoPro/IMJ, reports due to HQ, Agenda items for BOD, BOD meeting dates, etc.)

  5. Technical publications catalog

  6. List of Board members and committee chairs

  7. List of " who to call for what" at HQ

  8. Automatic subscription to ARMA chapters list serve

  9. Job descriptions/ responsibilities for Coordinator and Region Manager

B. Training courses for membership services director:

  1. Coordinating the Coordinators

  2. Region treasuries

  3. Travel expenses and coordinating including annual budget planning

  4. Communicating and reporting requirements

  5. Region Leadership meetings and/or Region Educational Conferences

  6. Tips on selection of Coordinators by the Region Manager

  7. Summary of decisions/issues/etc. From the last annual BOD meetings

C. Chapter support (procedures/applicable AL’s /tips)

  1. Membership recruitment

  2. Chapters going into dormancy

  3. Financial issues ( at chapter level)

  4. New chapter information

  5. Review of COTY submissions

  6. Communication

  7. Incorporation of chapters

  8. Brochures/pens/stickers/etc. Available with HQ assistance

  9. Issues /challenges and typical problems experienced at the chapter level

  10. Legal support ( financial, contractual, etc.) issues which could lead to litigation

VII Communication

Communication between the Coordinators and Chapter is vital to the continued success of the program. To this end, this section will deal with the mandatory requirements as well as offer some suggestions for communication "Links". It includes items for which Headquarters carries responsibility as awareness for the Coordinator effort.

Note: This communication is in addition to Chapter visitation, dealt within another section.

A. Mandatory

  1. All Coordinators must be "in touch" with their assigned Chapters at least once a month. A simple phone call to chapter leadership should surface. This contact should be to solicit information on activities or any issues that may need resolution.

  2. A quarterly newsletter should be produced under the Director of the Region Manager. This newsletter should contain:

    • information on all the Chapters within the Region

    • other Region related news

    • Association news

    Headquarters will provide Region Masthead for the purpose of creating the newsletter.

  3. Agenda items for upcoming board meetings that directly impact the membership will be sent to the Coordinators by HQ. The agenda items with request for comment will be distributed to the Chapters. The Coordinator will receive these comments and forward to HQ for distribution to the board. Comment requests should have a specific deadline and the Coordinators should encourage response.

B. Communication "Links"

  1. Telephone

  2. E. Mail

  3. Web Site postings- many Regions now have web sites. Since not all Chapter Leaders have access, this tool should be used in conjunction with others. However, posting of news and events can be posted as a communication tool.

  4. Newsletter

  5. Conference calls

C. Region Manager /Coordinator

  1. The Region Manager should be encouraged to have monthly contact with each Coordinator to assist with any issues that may arise.

  2. Once each Quarter, a conference can should be arranged with all coordinators to review status of Chapters, any unresolved issue, and what improvements can be made to the program, A report should be generated and sent to Member Service Department.

  3. A meeting should be held at least once a year. This can be in conjunction wit a Region conference, or at the annual International Conference. Minutes and action items would be a report back to Member Services.

ARMA International Mid-Atlantic Region
Helping Hand Fund
Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Purpose

  2. Scope of the Program

  3. Administration of the Program

  4. Suggested Types of Projects

  5. Application Procedures

  6. Repayment of the Fund Distribution

  7. Application Processing

  8. Revision of the Fund Guideline


The Mid-Atlantic Region Helping Hand Fund Program has been designed to provide chapters with loaned funds to further projects of long-term value to the Records and Information Management profession with direct benefits to the members and information professionals.

Scope of the Program:

This program will provide funding to individual chapters in amounts between $100 and $500 per request. No more than three (3) requests will be awarded in any given fiscal year. No chapter may receive more than one (1) fund distribution within one (1) fiscal year, nor may a chapter receive a distribution without having fulfilled the obligations with regard to distributions that may have been provided for earlier projects.

Administration of the Program:

A Fund Evaluation Committee composed of five (5) official members, will administer the program including:

  • A committee Chairman, appointed by the Region Manager
  • The Region Treasurer
  • The three Region Coordinators
  • A Region Chapter President

The Chairman of the Fund Committee shall serve for an initial term of one (1) year with a maximum service term of three (3) years.

The authority of the members of the committee shall be limited by these Fund Guidelines as approved by a majority vote of the Chapter Presidents within the Mid-Atlantic Region. The committee shall be empowered to provide distribution of funds within the scope of the Fund Guidelines once it has received written certification from the Region Treasurer that the necessary funds are available within the Helping Hand Fund budget of the Region Fund.

Committee members may, from time to time, suggest changes to the Fund Guidelines in order to enhance the operations and functioning of the program. Changes to the Fund Guidelines must be approved by a majority vote of the Mid-Atlantic Region Chapter Presidents. The Region Manager shall bring proposed changes to the Fund Guidelines to the Chapter Presidents.

Suggested Types of Projects:

It is the intent of the Mid-Atlantic Region to maximize its flexibility in providing Funds. While not all-inclusive, below is a list of suggested types of projects, which may be considered:

  • Advancement of Standards - Chapters may apply for Funds for projects that advance the development and implementation of standards (ISO, ANSI, AIIM, ARMA and others) which will prove to be of a lasting benefit to the members of the Region and to the Records and Information Management Profession.

  • Training/Certification Programs - Programs that provide improved training opportunities, enhanced educational opportunities or certification efforts outside of the scope of the ICRM may be considered.

  • Networking Projects - Specific programs or projects, which will enhance the opportunities for networking, may be considered by the committee.

  • Projects Promoting Records and Information Management or ARMA International - Projects which provide for the long-term promotion of the records and information management profession or the promotion of ARMA International may be considered.

  • "Other Projects" - Any other projects that provide long-term benefits to the members within the Mid-Atlantic Region or to the members of ARMA International as a whole may be considered.

Projects that maximize the benefits for ARMA International and/or for the members of the Mid-Atlantic Region will have priority over those that provide for more limited benefit. Chapters should consider the "transportability" of projects from their chapter to other chapters that may have an interest in pursuing similar endeavors. Projects that promote any individual or commercial interests are strictly prohibited. Information regarding the project shall be made readily available to all chapters within the Region and to all members within the Region.

Application Procedures:

Applications for distributions from the Mid Atlantic Region Helping Hand Fund Program shall be submitted to the Region Treasurer for processing. Applications must provide the following information:

  • Completed General Information Form

  • A clear definition of the project

  • Information regarding the purpose and scope of the project

  • A complete project budget, including information regarding the chapter's financial contribution to the project

  • An implementation plan, including a time line for project completion

  • A reporting plan to provide the Region Manager & Coordinators with quarterly updates on the status of the project. A condition of the Funds is that complete reporting regarding the progress-to-date will be sent to the Region Treasurer on a quarterly basis. A final report will be submitted to the Region Treasurer upon completion of the project.

  • A key chapter contact person who will have responsibility for the project

  • A statement of the benefits for members and those outside of the chapter conducting the project

Repayment of the Fund Distribution:

Approved distributions for the Funds are 'loans' to the Chapters. Therefore, all Chapters receiving distributions from the Fund are obligated to repay the Fund in the full amount of the distribution, unless otherwise approved by the Fund Committee. Each Chapter receiving distribution shall have six months after time of use of the Fund distribution to meet their repayment obligation. All repayments shall be sent directly to the Region Treasurer. In the event a Chapter can not meet the obligation within the time period allowed, or otherwise can not meet the full repayment obligation, the Chapter shall immediately notify the Chairman of the Fund Committee. The Fund Committee would then review the circumstance and work with the Chapter to devise agreeable terms for repayment.

Application Processing:

Once an application has been received, the Region Treasurer will ascertain the availability of funds for the project. He or She will forward certification regarding the availability of full or partial funding to the members of the Fund Evaluation Committee. The Region Treasurer will also forward complete copies of the Fund application to the members of the Fund Evaluation Committee. The Chairperson of the Fund Evaluation Committee shall be responsible for working with all committee members to provide the chapter with a final decision regarding the disposition of the Fund request within one (1) month of the initial receipt of the Fund application. The Chair of the Fund Evaluation Committee shall also be responsible for communicating questions, information requests and the final decision with the chapter. Upon arriving at a final decision regarding the Fund application, the Chairperson of the Fund Evaluation Committee shall inform the chapter and the Region Manager of that decision. The Chair shall also communicate any "conditions" that may have been attached to that Fund to the aforementioned parties.

After completion of that task, the Region Treasurer shall provide the approved funds to the chapter making the successful application. The decision of the Fund Evaluation Committee shall be final.

Revision of the Fund Guideline:

These guidelines may be revised by a majority vote of the Chapter Presidents within the Mid-Atlantic Region. Recommendations for change may come from the Region Manager, the Region Treasurer, from the members of the Fund Evaluation Committee or from the Chapter Presidents of the Region chapters. No other authority shall be empowered to make revisions of these guidelines.